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:TG: Harumi Asukai by AquAlannis
:TG: Harumi Asukai


*Capped out for Jounin exam participant~*

Medical Information (Before - After):

Registration #:172139
Official Rank: Chuunin
Full Name: Harumi (春海) Asukai (飛鳥井)
Gender: Female
Age/DOB: May 21st, 19 years old
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 125 lbs
Bloodline/Type: Asukai - AB
Chakra Nature: Earth

Likes, Dislikes, Drives, and Motivations:

needs to be updated a bit

Before the Time-Skip:

- kids
-loud noises
-verbal conflict
-dry weather
- snow
- Yamato III
- Yuuna
Life Goals:
- Become a notable person in history and to prove herself to the main house

After the Time-Skip:

- rain
-night time
- being with friends and family
- fruits
- flowers
- water
- stars
- children
- relaxing
- main house snobs
- fish
- unnecessary conflict
- snow
- political issues
- people who lack respect
-feeling lonely and/or unwelcome

- Yuuna
- Tarou Kitsune
- Elite Asukai
Life Goals:
- Protect those she loves
- To become a great ninja
- Gain true respect

Notable Changes during the Time-Skip:

- During the attack on the village Harumi lost her teammate, Kuro Kitsune, After attending the funeral she developed a strong need to make sure that her other teammate, Inabakari, would not die in battle as well. She tends to put his needs first when it comes to missions and woud be crushed if he were to ever get hurt.
- Since the Asukai clan's split she's developed an extreme dislike for the leaders of both houses as well as her relatives, specifically her mother, who don't want her to associate with anyone of the main house. She believes it is ridiculous to treat the secondary house as lesser ninjas simply because of their genetics. 
- As she is an adult now her mother wants her to at get into he politics of the village. And though she supports Akihito ad the Phoenix Party (she believes an Arikage from a new generation could unite the clans) she despises that this is splitting the village in two. 
- Before the timeskip Harumi refused to get involved in verbal and physical conflict. As a result she never really stood up for herself. She believed that avoiding conflict would bring peace. After the timeskip she has no problem standing up for herself when needed, even if it means verbal conflict. She grew to understand that conflict is sometimes needed to grow and bring unity.
-More to hopefully be added

Important Events during the Time-Skip:

- During the Kitsune/Asukai brawl Harumi was present. Although she did not participate in the assault Harumi saw what she believed to be a great injustice. That event caused her desire to become a more respected clan member. 
- During the timeskip she becomes an Elite Asukai 

Additional Information:

- She keeps Kuro Kitsune's bracelet with her at all times (see )
- She takes a light interest in dating
- more information will be added as I figure out her relationships with others
Preperation And Reflection by AquAlannis
Preperation And Reflection
'You know... I would never tell anyone else this but I'm kind of scared this mission. What if something goes wrong?'
'I need to stop talking to myself.'

1. Preparation & Reflection:
     It feels like just Yesterday we were battling for our lives in the village of Tōrōgakure, and we're already off to war.
     For most of us - this is our first 'real' war, as the majority of us are too young to remember what it was like.
     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character preparing for the journey ahead - What thoughts plague their minds?
     How do they feel about a new war? How has their life been the past three years? Are they ready for what's to come?
The first mission in three years and a lot has changed in that time. Harumi frequently goes to Aoi's grave to just talk to herself mostly. Talking to a person who can't respond is pretty frustrating but Harumi also finds herself enjoying being able to voice her feelings without anyone's judgement. 

Decided to tryout a new shading style and give it a blue-ish look.

Harumi :iconaqualannis:

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